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On January 10, 2013
This form makes getting your clients feedback easy.
It’s vital to know if your clients are completely satisfied with your services. If they are not, they may cancel their services with you by given you an excuse or none at all.
This feedback form allows them to rate your overall cleaning performance & each room in the house.!
DOWNLOAD FOR FREE – Standard Cleaning Service
The Standard Cleaning Services can customize because it will be delivered to you in word document.
Use the “Standard Cleaning Services” to hand out to new clients. This is great because, you are letting your clients know what exactly you clean. It also lists the extra services you provide at an additional rate. Should any problems arise concerning your cleaning services such as them claiming “you didn’t clean inside our oven”. You can let them know that your reasonable rate is for Standard Cleaning which you provided, and that cleaning the inside of the oven is an of scenario is very common.