Many Professional Cleaning Business Forms

On January 10, 2013
Cleaning Business Forms
It’s true!

“Many clients will judge you on what you hand them.”

Don’t be surprised to learn that your not hired by how well you clean, but by how well your present your cleaning service.  Try handing out Housecleaning Business Forms, such as Agreements, Brochures, Flyers, or postcards.
Don’t neglect this very important part of this business.  You shouldn’t start a  business without the proper paperwork.
Here you will find the basic paperwork you’ll need to project a professional image.  Remember, many clients will judge you on what you hand them.  If you don’t hand them anything, they will assume you have a fly by night company.  You may still get you their business, but you won’t get the top pay.  They will most likely try to haggle you into cleaning their house for a much lower rate than most cleaning services would ever charge.

Don’t ever let customers set the tone for what your cleaning services are worth.  Let them see an image of organization, professionalism, & confidence.  It starts with your paperwork. It’s easy to give a good first impression with our forms, see below.




This is a must have. Remember it’s called an agreement & not a contract. You want the customer to agree to pay for your services & you MUST H…



New Customer Information & Estimate Worksheet

You need this form when interviewing new customers. This form is for your information helping you to stay organized with all the houses you clean & allows y…

Residential Cleaning Brochure

This is a well organized brochure with all the information that potential customers will require. They will view you right away to be above all other cleaners they have interviewed. Whether your an excellent cleaner or not, without professional flyers & brochures you will fade into the background.
They can’t judge your cleaning unless they hire you, so they are judging the information you give them!  So you actually can be an awful cleaner & still get the job by the information you present to them. Think about it.


This is a reminder note you will leave at a clients house before you leave.  This is a must have for Monthly clients, who will occasionally forget their …