Starting a Cleaning Business; Just Got Easier

On May 24, 2016
We made starting your own residential cleaning a business a snap. It’s like we are there to start your business for you.  Why pay for a franchise, when you can build your own company from the ground up.  All you need is the basic foundations, professionalism & your on your way.

This business, as with many others, has a simple recipe for success.  Great customer service, excellent cleaning skills, reliability, professionalism, people skills, proper insurance & licenses. Knowing how to handle any given situation is a must.  Dealing with unhappy customers & knowing what to charge is also essential.

The image you project to customers will dictate how much they are willing to pay for your services.  Once you have gained your clients, the best way to have a growing business it to keep the clients you have.  Making sure you have low cancellations of service is a must to be successful in this business.

If you want to start earning money and would like a head start. Let us help you set up your business structure.



Free Online Advertising – We will create advertisements that bring in the customers for you and teach you how to maintain them.

Paid Advertising – We will give you a list of paid advertising that would be suitable for the cleaning business.


If you don’t have a logo we will create two for you to choose from or we will use the logo you already have.  This logo will be used on your website, business cards, flyers, advertisement and business forms.  Just let us know your idea’s and color schemes and we will give you options.


We will create a website that is completely functional for you as your virtual office. You don’t really need an office to run a cleaning business when you are starting out unless you have the finances to open an office.  With or without an office, you still need a website.  Most customers will just call you or visit your website.  Your website should  give your customers a good impression of your business and answer questions that they might have about the service. With our website many customers will book appointments and pay for the service without even talking to you using your online schedule to view your availability.


We will add your logo and service information to business forms such as customer service agreements, business letter head & brochure. These forms are customized specifically for you.

All that’s left for you to do is greet the customers who call and provide your cleaning services.